Marine Transducers

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Where is the best place to install a transducer on my hull?

Transducer mounting is different for each style hull, however there are general guidelines. Choose a location where:

  • The water flowing under the hull is smoothest with a minimum amount of bubbles and turbulence (especially at high speeds).
  • The transducer will be continuously in contact with the water--especially while turning.
  • There is minimum of vessel generated "noise" from mechanical and radiation sources.
  • There is minimum deadrise angle.
  • The transducer beam in not blocked by the keel or propeller shaft(s).
  • There is adequate headroom inside the vessel for the height of any housing or tank, removing any insert or transducer, and tightening any nut(s).

Do not mount the transducer near water intake or discharge openings and behind strakes, fittings, or hull irregularities. Do not install behind eroding paint, because it is an indication of turbulence.

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